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Upgrading of MF Stavangerfjord

Sep 13, 2021

FJORD1's ferry "Stavangerfjord" is located at the quay at Mekjarvik on Randaberg just outside Stavanger. 

Erling Aksnes
This is one of several assignments the team has performed for FJORD1.
Heiko Iversen and Torstein Isaksen

KAEFER Energy perfoming services within interior outfitting and insulation on the ferry. 

Erling Aksnes, tells us that this is one of several assignments the team has performed for FJORD1.

"Three of the assignments involved shifting the floors in the salon, while this project involves modifying corrugated ceiling tiles over the car deck. We have dismantled and removed 1000m² of ceiling tiles, changed the profiles to which the tiles are attached and installed new ceiling tiles”. 

KAEFER Energy has long experience within the disciplines interior outfitting and provides services for, among other things, new build, and renovation of offices, living rooms, kitchens, cabins, bathrooms, and technical rooms. Most of these projects is managed from KAEFER Energy's office in Bryne.

It is high activity on board Stavangerfjord, and cars, caravans, ice creams and waffles have been replaced with mobile lifts, worktables and welding machines.

Ståle Ersdal has worked as a flooring specialist in KAEFER Energy for several years and has laid a few square kilometers of floor on boats and offshore installations.

Ståle Ersdal monterer trappeneser.
Ståle Ersdal installs stair nosings

"We have removed the old coating and replaced it with new, and right now I am installing the stair nosings. There are some 1000s of people yearly who walk up and down these stairs and the stair nosings take off the load at the most exposed point in addition to have an anti-slip function."


Oddgeir Samuelsen, department manager at Bryne workshop, adds:

«We have once again been chosen by FJORD1 as a supplier of interior outfitting and insulation services. Assigned assignments are a result of the fact that we have always delivered at the agreed time and agreed price, without incidents. "

Kjell Ove Svensson «Kosen».
Kjell Ove Svensson «Kosen».
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