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Statoil awards KAEFER Energy with another contracts for the Sverdrup field

Feb 29, 2016

Statoil commissions KAEFER Energy with the insulation of equipment packages for the two platform decks to be built in Korea for the giant Johan Sverdrup field.


Both the process and riser platforms will be built at Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea, while the drilling and living quarter platform will be built by Aibel and Kvaerner in Norway. In December 2015, Aibel awarded KAEFER Energy with the contract for all works related to insulation, interior outfitting and passive fire protection, on Johan Sverdrup’s drilling platform. With the latest contract, KAEFER Energy is responsible for a significant part of the workload related to the ISS disciplines (Insulation, Scaffolding, and Surface protection) required for the Sverdrup project.

The new contract comes into effect immediately. The majority of work will be carried out in 2016 in Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and if necessary, some work may be completed in Korea. The contract is expected to have a turnover of up to 50 million NOK.

“Statoil seek high and consistent quality in connection with the Johan Sverdrup development.” says Sigve Aabø, Vice President Business Development at KAEFER Energy. “In earlier field developments, operating companies have experienced varying levels of quality in insulation works carried out on different equipment units. KAEFER Energy will deliver persistent high quality, as specified, on all these contract objects.”

In practice, this means that personnel from KAEFER Energy are responsible for the planning of the insulation work, purchasing, prefabrication, and finally installation of all insulation components at the particular locations. All activities by KAEFER Energy will be executed in close collaboration with the respective package suppliers and Statoil.

“This project gives KAEFER Energy the opportunity to demonstrate different capacities within the company.” according to Aabø. “We have a solid procurement, both in Stavanger and at corporate level in Germany. We also have a large and modern pre-fabrication workshop in Stavanger, and we have personnel in Norway, Europe as well as in Korea, that will execute the work to a high standard.”
Aabø concludes: “We have been involved in many development projects, inclusive equipment packages delivered from different suppliers both in Norway and abroad, over the years, and we strongly believe that the model that is being introduced at the Johan Sverdrup project will prove to be a smart solution to ensure consistent and high quality.”