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KAEFER Energy has extensive experience and expertise within our services related to new build-, modification- and maintenance projects, on- and offshore.

KAEFER Energy is a leading provider of multidisciplinary services within insulation, scaffolding, access, surface protection, interior outfitting and HVAC.

We take responsibility for our services in all phases of a project, from study, planning and engineering to project execution. Based on previous projects, KAEFER Energy sees the benefit of early integration and participation in a project. To achieve effective and safe implementation, planners and engineers are involved in the project from the detail engineering stage. Important factors for plan achievement and a successful project, include involvement from the respective disciplines already during the construction method and sequences, as well as the focus and quality of the planning work.

Through this, customer and the project achieve:

  • High security and efficient execution
  • Order and coordination between disciplines are optimized
  • Effective personnel protection

Multi Skill competence

Installations in operation require increased efficiency and flexibility, while ensuring safe execution. Our personnel possess expertise within several disciplines, thus contributing to solid execution capability, optimization of operations and reduced staffing.

Scaffolding and access
Rope Access
Surface Protection
Surface protection
Interior outfitting
Interior and achitectural outfitting