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Sensor Technology for Prediction of Corrosion Under Insulation

KAEFER En­ergy’s ad­vanced sensor sys­tem - a paradigm shift within the process in­dustry to over­come CUI Chal­lenges and improve plant integrity. 

In­su­la­ted pipe sys­tems on pro­cess and pro­duc­tion fa­cil­it­ies are exposed to a significant risk for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) after some years of operation. The associated costs are massive and for some plants; reduced plant integrity with risk of hydrocarbon leakages and possible fire and explosions, is even worse.

KAEFER Energy has developed a sensor system and an efficient robotized installation with the purpose of monitoring the risk for Corrosion Under Insulation on process and production plants.

From reactive to preventive maintenance with the use of sensor-data based CUI prediction   

For en­sur­ing the in­teg­rity of the plant, todays solu­tion is to re­move in­su­la­tion suc­cess­ively after some years in op­er­a­tion. The pipes are in­spec­ted, sometimes repainted, and new in­su­la­tion is ap­plied. A large fraction of these pipes is normally without corrosion and for such areas the operation can be regarded as ‘waste’ both with respect to man-hours and materials. To maintain the integrity management, however, the costly operation is necessary.

Sensor-data based CUI man­age­ment will in­crease the in­teg­rity of the plant sig­ni­fic­antly and at the same time reduce the maintenance expenses. Sensors efficiently in­stalled by ro­bots de­veloped by KAEFER En­ergy, provide reg­u­lar online in­form­a­tion which can be analyzed and used for CUI predictions. Maintenance programs based on this kind of predictions will be less extensive, less costly and more precise in ‘hitting’ existing CUI. The plant integrity will improve and the risk for downtime is reduced.

Sensors, robots, drilling operations are all ATEX approved.

Arve  Martinsen

Arve Martinsen

 Head of Innovation

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