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Rope access and Assistance services

KAEFER Energy offers specialized personnel within rope access for project execution throughout the oil and gas industry, as well as other relevant industries such as wind power. We provide a comprehensive range of rope access services within inspection, maintenance, repair and rescue services in areas with challenging access, such as confined spaces and high structures.

As a supplier of all kind of access, we have the knowledge and experience to always consider the best solution.

Rope access is efficient for small and large operations. The discipline involves fewer people and in many casescontribute to frees up valuable bed capacity on installations. In addition to performing rope access related to ISO disciplines, KAEFER Energy offers assistance within the following disciplines:

  • Black disciplines: mechanical, sheet, welding, falnge work, bolt tensioning, cold cutting, rig and lifting
  • White disciplines: electrical, instrumentation, cable pulling, antenna mounts
  • Inspection: NDT, DROPS (dropped objects), Frosio (insulation and surface protection)

Rope Access is a cost efficient and a safe solution, and as a provider of all relevant kinds of access, KAEFER Energy always considers which solution that will be the best for the operation. All equipment and personnel meet necessary safety requirements and certification in accordance with applicable requirements. KAEFER Energy is certified according to SOFT as the “Performing Company” for Rope Access services.

Leif Tore Fredriksen

Leif Tore Fredriksen

Department Manager Rope Access

+47 901 49816


KAEFER Energy offers assistance within black disciplines.

KAEFER Energy offers assistance within white disciplines.

KAEFER Energy offers assistance within inspection.