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ENERGY Products® is the name of KAEFER Energy's product range.

The products have been developed in cooperation with our operative entities within Insulation, Access, Surface protection, Interior outfitting and HVAC. 

The engineers in KAEFER Energy work in an innovative and inspiring environment, contributing to increased competence and further development of skills and knowledge. We allocate significant resources to technology development in our specialist fields, often in collaboration with clients and suppliers. Communication with operators onsite is another important tool for capturing ideas and innovative thinking for development of new products. This will together represent good solutions and contributes to improved HSE, cost reductions and efficiency.

Explosion and jet fire tests are essential part of the testing, as well as acoustic and thermal tests.

Acoustic Research Laboratory

KAEFER Energy has set up a specialist Acoustic Research Lab in Stavanger, and is a vital tool in connection with product development.

KAEFER Energy has a leading software to analyze and illustrate different problem areas. KAEFER Energy has the equipment and the expertise to assess energy losses (thermal leakage) from insulated objects. To improve energy-efficiency in the wider community, energy consumption needs to be reduced, and almost any business has the potential to cut energy costs by making cost-effective investments.

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