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"On the millimeter" in the world's tallest goods and bed vending machine

Jul 1, 2021

The rope access team consisting of Åstor Brocks, Daniel Sætre and Sindre Sperrevik have worked with the installation of the framework for the new goods and bed storage machine at the new university hospital in Stavanger, SUS for two weeks now. The bed machine will be mounted in a 40-meter-deep shaft and will thus be the first and tallest of its kind in the world.

It is exciting to participate in currently Norway's largest construction site.

- It is exciting to participate in the construction of the new Stavanger University Hospital, which is currently Norway's largest ongoing construction site. The fact that we as access technicians can use our expertise and experience on large construction projects like this, shows that our services are in demand in several markets ", says Åstor Brocks. Together with colleagues Daniel Sætre and Sindre Sperrevik, he has hung in ropes and harnesses in the 40-meter-deep shaft for the past 14 days.

-The beams that we install in the shaft is the framework for the vending machine (EffiMat), in addition we have installed frames on all floors, so that further installation of the vending machine can start. We are talking about margins of only a few millimeters when we place and install the beams, and we have therefore become well acquainted with both the laser meters and the spirit levels.

-It must be on the millimeter, says Sindre, while he reads the installation drawings and informs Åstor and Daniel who are hanging on the shaft's 7th floor about the correct dimensions before the 75 kg heavy diagonal beam is bolted.

-Now that the first of two shafts have been installed, we have taken out several experiences from the installation work. We will take this with us to the next shaft, because then we know exactly how to start with the assembly, Sindre says.

Christian Heggelund, project manager in KAEFER Energy and responsible for the assignment at SUS.

-The fact that we in the local market have received this contract gives us opportunities to establish new relationships in the construction industry. KAEFER Energy has a large range of services and products we can offer this market; it is therefore important that we get to show ourselves and can inform about these services. We obviously hope that this can lead to additional sales of services, for example within insulation, says Christian.

Christian Heggelund, Prosjekt leder på SUS.
Christian Heggelund, Project manager
Daniel Sætre er fornøyd med jobben på SUS.
Daniel Sætre is satisfied with the job at SUS.
From the left: Sindre Sperrevik, Åstor Brocks and Daniel Sætre.
Beam installation
Sindre informs that It has to be be on the millimeter.
Our mindset from the offshore industry focusing on high standards and safe work execution will we take with us further into the construction industry.

- For those of us who usually work on offshore installations or large onshore facilities within oil and gas, it is nice to take part in this construction project. We take our high standards and focus on safe work execution with us in every project we work on. Contributing to building a new University Hospital for the community is very motivating. Here, we contribute to added value in a different market segment than oil and gas, Daniel concludes.