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Local Market (Rogaland)

For companies in Rogaland, KAEFER Energy offers insulation of technical plants, also plants not related to the oil and gas industry. We carry out project for the local plumbing-, construction-and land-based process industry. We solve insulation challenges on boats, dairies and technical rooms in industrial buildings, among others. We also provide surface protection- and scaffolding services related to these Projects.

Energy efficiency

High temperature in technical rooms due to uninsulated valves, pumps, flanges, filters etc. can result in high and unnecessary energy costs. It could also lead to operation challenges and reduce life time of Automatic and other equipment.

As part of our energy efficiency program, KAEFER Energy map the heat losses.

We use the thermography Method and implement data into a self-developed program for calculating the energy saving initiatives for technical rooms. One of the initiatives for effective insulation is, among other things, tailor-made and flexible insulation jackets on valves, pumps and equipment. We arrange easy access for inspections, as well as no maintenance costs.

Christian Heggelund

Christian Heggelund

 Project Manager, Local Market

+47 473 82544