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Lean goes offshore

Nov 26, 2016

A Waste Walk & Lean Improvement Workshop (module 1 training) was conducted at the Statoil platform Troll A, in the Norwegian Sea. Troll A is the tallest structure ever moved by humans over the surface of the Earth.


Its concrete support section has been built for a producing life of 70 years. The platform is the only one of its kind on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), and the platform is powered electrically from land. KAEFER Energy has, since 2010, a maintenance contract for surface protection, insulation and scaffolding.

The training was focused on a mix of theory blocks, followed by practical implementation. The participants were divided into smaller work groups. Each group identified and quantified waste on the analyzed process and together with our operators, the groups quantified potential improvement. Subsequently, route cause analysis of problems were performed, and a detailed action plan with concrete measures was developed, followed by direct implementation of the first improvement ideas.

It was an overwhelming experience for everybody involved when the team finally presented the training results on the platform, in front of all KAEFER operator and guests from Statoil.

"The positive team spirit and impressive results in just a few days were fantastic. Even our client noticed that we set a difference with this training format compared to other contractors" as Heiko Habedank (Regional Lean Leander, North America & Southern Africa) said.

Interview with the participants of the training:

How did you experience the Lean training at Troll A last weekend?

“The training was constructive and helpful for us, and we have great expectations ahead with our Lean work. It was such a positive experience, especially because the training took place offshore, the place we perform our daily work. We feel that we have got a lot out of this training, and we are excited to start performing some of the learning experiences together with the operators. In addition to this, it was positive that we could address and discuss issues and challenges we face in our everyday work life directly with the Lean leaders.”

Which benefits can you see by using Lean?

“We have already found solutions for some of the sources of waste. We have also realised that we can actually do a lot of improvements without large costs. It was nice to be trained and getting better knowledge and competence in finding potential waste sources, and also learn how to find the root cause, basically the source where the problem grows, and based on this find a way to work smarter. As we said, we have already started to locate waste sources and how we can resolve this with improved work to get the optimal results. We believe that we can close the initiatives gradually. Another positive feedback that we really appreciated was that the platform management was very positive to the session. They told us that the performance was very professional and that made us proud.”