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KAEFER Energy supports Clean Shores

Oct 28, 2021

Young and old took part in the clean shore operation together with Clean Shores Norway at Hodnefjell, Mosterøy on 24 October.


30 people from KAEFER Energy, including family members, had a meaningful day at the beach.

Per Steinkopf, head of the HSEQR department in KAEFER Energy, says that it gave a good feeling to participate in the clean shores operation, and this is something we definitely will do agian in the future.

- The catch of several hundred kilos consisted mainly of tires, plastic packaging, ropes, fishing nets, Styrofoam, and metal. The place we chose to clean was suggested by Clean Shores and is a relatively new area for them as well. It is a beautiful area where a lot of garbage has unfortunately accumulated over the years, says Steinkopf.

After two hours of cleaning, there was a social gathering with serving of food and beverage. The children played together, and the adults chatted.

- In addition to cleaning the beach for garbage, it was simply good to be able to meet again, Steinkopf says.

In line with KAEFER Energy's sustainability strategy, the surplus food from the social gathering was immediately afterwards transported to the Food Center in Sandnes, which distributed this to people who need it.

About KAEFER Foundation

KAEFER Foundation is a non-profit organization that, among other things, helps to protect the environment and nature, through recycling, collection and cleaning of waste. As part of KAEFER's sustainability strategy, KAEFER  supports Clean Shores with € 1,000 per month next year, in addition to KAEFER Energy employees participating in various operations to clean shores campaigns around the country. The goal is to engage our employees to help clear the nature from garbage, in addition to fresh air, nature experiences, socializing with colleagues and a nice relaxation from everyday life.

About Clean shores

Clean shores is a global organization that organizes volunteer work and clean-up along coastal and beach zones via local steering groups.

some of the "catch"
Beautiful area but unfortunately a lot of garbage
A meaningful day at the beach
Young and old involved in the beach cleaning day
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