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KAEFER Energy enters technology partnership with Envirex Group

May 19, 2020

KAEFER Energy and Envirex Group have entered a partnership to facilitate new products and solutions in relation to such as surface protection, monitoring etc.


Envirex Group will enable all resources available within engineering, software, remote control systems and autonomy to meet the expectations of KAEFER Energy for the new generation solutions. The parties have already cooperated over some months, and this long-term partnership will bring new advanced solutions to the market, with first project to be delivered by 2020.

The new innovative products we jointly are developing with Envirex Group, will ensure KAEFER to have the most cost-efficient solutions available on the market for our clients” says CEO & President Bård Bjørshol of KAEFER Energy. The parties will develop brand new solutions for the downstream O&G market and become a frontier of how the challenges will be handled in the future. The first prototype is under development and will be demonstrated for key customers throughout 2020. 

“Even though our ‘handshake’ today is based on a situation where we need to secure safe distance, our partnership is fully transparent, and we operate as one team. Working as one, we will reach opportunities that neither party would achieve on its own. We will become frontiers!”, says Business Developer and CFO of Envirex Group, Kjetil Njærheim. Head of Innovation of KAEFER Energy, Arve Martinsen, is very excited and full of enthusiasm, and states; “In these challenging and uncertain times, the need for better and more efficient solutions is eminent.  We are fortunate to be an organization that can commit to innovation and technology moving forward, to maximize the value for our clients.”

The agreement will enable the parties to develop robotic and remotely operated solutions for a range of applications, and with KAEFER’s worldwide presence we will together have a golden opportunity to achieve success also in the international arena. In this context, the agreement is based on KAEFER Energy bringing the technologies of Envirex Group into their core markets to secure their position in being recognised, efficient and different.

Bård Bjørshol, CEO & President of Kaefer Energy Norway and Kjetil Njærheim, CFO Envirex Group.