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KAEFER Energy allocated 9 millions in R&D support

Jul 3, 2020

KAEFER Energy is widely recognized for its comprehensive initiative related to one of the process industry's biggest challenges; Corrosion Under Insulation.


Corrosion can cause gas leaks, endangering life and health, shut down of production, with potentially enormous costs associated with loss of production and repair of corrosion-exposed pipes.

KAEFER's solution includes extensive use of developed digital technology and involves several Norwegian technology companies in the development work. A work and solution that is also recognized by Innovasjon Norge through its financial support. In short, the concept is about robotic installation of newly developed sensors, data transmission and processing, visualization and prediction of possible corrosion under insulation. One of the companies in the world with the longest and broadest experience within corrosion is DNV GL, is involved in this solution through their data processing and prediction tools. Based on such information, the operating companies can carry out more targeted maintenance, thus strengthening the overall integrity of the plant.

The industry's recognition of the solution is further strengthened by the Norges Forskningsråd (The Research Council of Norway) which have decided to contribute with nine millions in financial support as part-financing for a project which will contribute to further strengthening the concept. KAEFER Energy, together with SINTEF Energy, has created an R&D project to improve the knowledge of where sensors should be placed on the pipes to give an optimal picture of the corrosion conditions. The goal is to develop a tool that optimizes the positioning of the sensors to provide the best possible risk picture. The project, will run over 2 years, has a considerable innovation level and is managed by KAEFER Energy.

Several patents are related to the solution, which will initially be offered to the process industry in Norway. Although the solution has not been marketed outside Norway, KAEFER is now receiving inquiries from abroad. There is obviously a great international potential for this technology as of. today is unique - also in a global perspective.