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Digitization takes us further

Jan 16, 2020

KAEFER Energy works on exciting digitization projects within finance and administration, and our goal is always to find the best digital solutions to solve time-consuming work.

RPA – Robotisk Prosessautomatisering
Source: Capgemini
Linn-Christin Maele, Project Controller in KAEFER Energy: "RPA will contribute to make my work much easier and more efficient."
RPA ambassadors in KAEFER Energy Patrik Kaliszuk, Manager Proejct Controlling (t.v.) and Jon Erik de Vries, Project Controller (t.h.)
Else Brit Jensen, Head of Accounting & Administration (behind), Maylin Bærheim, Receptionist (left) and Jorunn Bertelsen Kvalbein, Accounting (right) are happy for the implemetation of EHF.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation
RPA is a "software robot (virtual person)" which logs on to applications for performing different tasks like implementing data, making reports, calculates etc.

Process automation

We have already started with the scaffolding log for further invoicing, and also to structure vouchers for further billing of travel costs. This is just two of  many potential processes that can be automated.

Electronic invoicing

EHF invoicing is adapted to a common European invoice format. This is a digital invoice sent from an invoice program to a recipient, via an EU-verified hub. This means that the invoice goes directly from our IT system to the customer's invoice receiving system. In other words, delays due to mailing etc. will not be a problem anymore.

Initially, EHF was implemented for outgoing invoicing (customer invoicing). Now we take it further and implement EHF for incoming invoices (supplier invoices), so that we can receive invoices directly from our suppliers' system and into our system.