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Certificate of apprenticeship

Certificate of apprenticeship is the documentation and recognition of academic weight within our disciplines. By completing the apprenticeship, you gain specialized expertise, both theoretically and through work experience, which opens doors for both career development and further studies.

Certificate of apprenticeship provides security and opportunities.

After two years in teaching (3 years for the insulation discipline), or after five years in the subject with relevant practice, you can take the theoretical and practical examination.

Theoretical exam

The theoretical examination is nationwide and is held twice a year until the specified date. The exam can also be taken as an oral test on the same day as in writing. This must be applied for and clarified in advance.

Practical exam

The practical exam must be registered for after passing the theoretical examination. The time of the practical test is set up as desired on the application and clarified further with the local test committee. The exam can be conducted throughout the year. The practical test can take place at the workplace itself. Sensor is always external. The practical exam is limited to a working week of 37.5 hours.

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