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Autonomous blasting

KAEFER En­ergy's autonom­ous ro­bot is de­veloped in Aus­tralia and can be used in everything from tanks and bridges, even in com­plex and dan­ger­ous areas. An operator is placed on the outside of the work field responsible for supervising the equipment and to ensure the work progress is according to plan.

A robot with unique software

Unique software

The ro­bot is placed in the op­er­a­tion area located ex­actly where it is according to the 3D in­form­a­tion.

Favorable working conditions

Unlike to traditional blasting where two operators must be employed at the same time; often in challenging work conditions due to noise, dust, poor visibility and ergonomics, this blasting robot works continuously until the work is done. The robot is easy to install due to its light weight.

Robot innen blåserensing
Robot innen blåserensing